Do you realize that you have an amazing capacity to subconsciously make your presence effectively known without negatively impacting another, just through the use of body language and expanding your energy field and vibrational sphere?

A very gentle, soft spoken and somewhat shy woman in her early fifty’s, squirmed uncomfortably in her airline seat, as a large burly man took his seat beside her. Settling in, he brusquely positioned his legs so he was encroaching on her seating space, and proceeded to open his newspaper, again putting his arm and paper well into her personal space.

Being the mild-mannered individual she was, and uneasy with confrontation, she shrunk back into the farthest corner of her seat, in an attempt to distance herself from his intrusion. She knew he was aware of his actions and her automatic reaction, yet he continued to read, and almost antagonistically turn the pages.

She sat like this for several minutes and then remembered something her military-career husband had always said to her when he was alive, “command presence!”

She smiled to herself as his words echoed in her mind. Taking a deep breath, she thought, ‘yes, I do need command presence right now!’  Without even giving the man a sideways glance, she very calmly and confidently shifted her position well into the middle of her seat, sat up poker straight in her seat, placed her elbows on her armrests, and opened her book.

The man shifted awkwardly for a moment, then retracted both his intruding leg and newspaper from her space. He did not look at her, made it clear he was disgruntled, but did not challenge her, nor did he impinge on her during the remainder of the flight.

As I have mentioned in other blogs, we focus predominantly on our physical bodies, and rarely take into account the energy field and vibration we subconsciously and continuously emit. Yet, our body language, energy field, and vibration, are incredibly powerful tools we have at our disposal, if we acknowledge them, and consciously work with them.

I’m sure we’re all familiar with the concept that slouching and poor posture is interpreted by others as an insecure and/or subservient personality, while straight, strong posture reflects a confident individual with high self-esteem (which is very different from conceit or arrogance.) Commanding presence is not only conveyed to others by our body language, it also emits through our energy field and vibration to those around us. This quiet woman didn’t express her annoyance physically by speaking, glaring, or nudging this man away. She asserted herself solely with her body language, energy field and vibration. She smiled to herself throughout the remainder of the flight.

Even when you’re feeling uncertain or insecure around a particular person or situation, most importantly when you are feeling insecure or intimidated, command presence. Not only will it give others the impression that you are self-confident, it will automatically bolster your sense of self-esteem just by this one simple action.


Deborah Johnson
Clairvoyant, Medium, Author, Speaker
‘Connecting and understanding spirit, both living and passed’

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