About Deborah

Welcome, and thanks for visiting my Blog!

For those of you who don’t know me I’m Deborah Johnson, Clairvoyant-Medium, Author and Speaker. My background in this field includes 20+ years of sharing my abilities with clients of all ages, from all walks of life, who were seeking solace, guidance and direction in their lives.

Through a combination of individual sessions, TV, radio, workshops, seminars, speaking venues and releasing several books over these years, I have always tried to bring to my clients my utmost compassion, integrity, knowledge, and ability to connect with our spiritual realm. I have used my innate gift to see what lies ahead for those still living, and reach across when asked, to connect with those most dear to us who have passed over.

My goal with my blog is to share my most compelling stories, experiences and knowledge to bring understanding and comfort to you as you go through your ups and downs of life.

My blogs may pertain to our spirit and life on this side, the other side, or the interconnection between the two. Some of my stories may move you to tears, some may make you laugh, or on occasion even roll your eyes. No matter what your take on each blog, I hope you find my information enlightening, beneficial in your life, and most importantly, comforting on whatever level needed most by you.

‘Connecting and Understanding Spirit, Both Living & Passed’

(All information on my blog reflects my personal views and understanding of the spiritual realm based solely on my work, abilities, and experiences. All names and pertinent information in my stories have been changed to maintain client confidentiality, and any similarities are purely coincidental).

Deborah Johnson
Clairvoyant-Medium, Author, Key-Note Speaker
Ontario, Canada