Sometimes we’re thrown curve balls in life, that are created by other people’s actions toward us. When this happens, we have the choice of trying to balance the scales with retribution, or letting go of it altogether, and allowing the scales to be balanced on a higher level.

A family passing and inheritance brings out interesting personality traits in people. A client recounted the story of being duped out of her inheritance by her brother. Although unable to prove it without great expense, her brother forged her father’s Will, excluding her completely. It wasn’t a large sum of money, $25,000.00 each, but for this woman on her own, it was substantial. She didn’t have the money to contest the Will, therefore she asked God, Universe, Powers That Be, to simply balance the scales for everyone’s highest good. She then let it go and carried on with her life.

She harboured no ill feelings toward her brother, only a sadness and pity for him.

Immediately following the estate settlement, her brother invested the full inheritance, and four months later lost it all. She was sad that her father’s hard earned money had been lost on a whim, acknowledging perhaps that was the way the balancing was meant to be.

Four months after that, a friend of hers was given two tickets to a show at the local casino and invited my client. She accepted, and after the show, she tried her luck with $20 at the slots. Within thirty minutes she won $17,000 dollars. She didn’t continue playing, simply sent a quiet thank you upward and left with her winnings.

Exactly one month later this same friend was given another two tickets, and issued another invitation to the casino, stating how unusual this was as she had never been offered tickets to any show before. Again, my client accepted, and again they went to the casino with $20 after the show. Within five minutes my client won $8,000 dollars. Again, she stopped playing, sent a silent thank you upward, acknowledging the coincidence of winning $25,000 dollars in total; the exact inheritance amount lost. She said that she smiled contentedly to herself, understanding now that the scales were completely balanced as they were meant to be.

Her friend was never again offered tickets to a show, nor have they ever gone back to the casino.

If we can find it in us to let negativity go, and embrace the opportunity for balance to come in some other form, synchronicity can lend a helping hand, often turning the tables in our favour in astounding ways.


Deborah Johnson
Clairvoyant, Medium, Author, Speaker
‘Connecting and understanding spirit, both living and passed’

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