‘Deborah, thank you for your wise and generous spirit, and trusted counsel. Your insight, warmth, charm and wit give me strength when I need it most. Thank you for your gift and willingness to share it.’ – Janet B.

‘My recent experience with my grandmother illustrates exactly what you say that those who have crossed over find ways to let you know they are still with you. Although my heart aches for how much I miss her, I want to thank you for helping me learn that death is not the end it’s the beginning. What a reunion you described she had with her son she lost in infancy, her husband, her pets, her family and her friends who were all there waiting for her. Thank you!’ – Amanda T.

‘Hello Deborah, a big thank you for a fantastic session this week! Especially significant to me was hearing from my Dad. Thank you, that really had an impact on a deeper level for me. Thank you my friend, it was a great experience.’ – Renate B.

‘Hello Deborah, I wanted to say thank you! I have listened to the tape a dozen times and it has made me laugh, cry, think, remember…all these things. Most of all you gave me a connection to my husband who died in a horrible accident…hearing his reassurances have brought me much peace. I will be forever grateful for our meeting and the opportunity to hear him tell me what was in his heart.’ – Heather S.

‘Hi Deborah, just a quick note to say thanks. When I was going through my issues, my sessions with you were very calming and although my life is still unsettled, you showed me that there is nothing I can’t cope with! I have the utmost faith in your ability. Combine this with a wisdom most people don’t have, you were a very stabilizing influence for me. Thanks again.’ – Carey M.

‘Hi Deborah, during our session you mentioned that I would be moving out to the country. I was very surprised by this and you commented that I was looking at you as if you had two heads! Well, we just bought ‘the house’, a century home on two acres and we are all very excited! It was a pleasure to have met you and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your spiritual guidance. I am sending my friends your way!’ Sincerely, – D. Stevenson

‘Dear Deborah, thank you so much for the new outlook on life. It was like a breath of fresh air talking to you. I feel that I have had a heavy burden lifted from my shoulders, that I have carried for so long since my husband died. I can now look at my life in a much different way. You have helped put some of the missing pieces of the puzzle together for me regarding his death. For that I am truly grateful. You have been blessed with a very special gift. Yours respectfully, – Mary S.

‘Hi Deborah, thanks so much for coming out and clearing the property! The place feels wonderful and I’ve even spent a night in the back bedroom, which is a testament to Deborah’s great work. Even my parents, skeptics as I’m sure you could gather, have mentioned that they notice a definite difference. Take care and thank you again.’ – Amy D.

‘I just wanted to tell you how right in you have been. So many things you have said have come true. Thanks for all your help!’ – Carol W.

‘Dear Deborah, although the time has passed since we last spoke and since you extended a helping hand, I have not forgotten the value of your service and support to me. Within 2 weeks of calling on your help to clear the house and to warm the environment, to assist me with the sale, I had an offer in my hand! My house had been on the market for 1 1/2 years. The price had been lowered…the house had been completely renovated…all the realtors loved the house…so what was wrong? It was as though people did not see the house. And those that came through did not connect in any way at all. After I called fro you help…almost immediately, people seemed to be taking note of the existence of the house. They seemed to ‘see’ it! And then the offer came in! Deborah, I want to thank you for your help. You worked your magic. I have to believe in your talents and insights. You have made a life changing difference in my life. Thank you so much! Sincerely,’ – Joan L.

‘Good Afternoon Deborah, I have just finished listening to the tape from our session this morning and I am buzzing with excitement. I walked up the street after our session with a new sense of purpose and the feeling that great things are coming my way. It is such a wonderful experience for a gifted person like you to provide insight for curious people such as myself…I sincerely hope your sessions are as rewarding for yourself as they are for the people you advice. Thank you so much!’ – David S.

‘Hi Deborah, I wanted to tell you that I am a new person today, and to thank you so much for what you do, and for what you told me yesterday. After connecting with my husband and hearing his words, I feel like me again, Deborah, and I am as light as air today. Everything is going to be just fine. Thank you so much. You gave me back my life – again. You are a wonderful gift in my life and I am so grateful for you. Your friend, Nancy’. – Nancy Q.

I remember like it was yesterday the painful, numbing grief I felt when my partner in life died. It was sudden and unexpected, and being in a long distance relationship at that time, it placed us miles apart. The lonliness was unbearable. The regret that I hadn’t had a chance to say goodbye haunted me. I was going through the motions of daily life, but sadness was exhausting my body and spirit. A concerned friend referred me to Deborah.
Immediately, in that initial session, Deborah’s gift as a Medium brought me solace as Sid was waiting to come through and did – loud and clear. Deborah confirmed that I wasn’t imagining the sporadic cigar aromas I had been smelling sometimes in my home, other times while walking down the street. When I would look around no one was nearby, let alone smoking a cigar. It was Sid. Having felt a love/hate relationship with his signature Churchill cigars, they had always gotten my attention. They still were.
Deborah was able to tell me that Sid wanted me to know he wasn’t expecting to go when he did, it had happened quickly, it didn’t hurt, he was okay, he was right there beside me, caring about me, loving me, and he wanted me to find ways to just appreciate something each day – one day at a time.
It brought my attention back to the last email message he had written to me early on the day he had passed. “Appreciate all that the day brings you, and know I am right there beside you in spirit … caring about you and loving you …” He had confirmed from the other side, his final words to me.
I found peace of mind that day. We are never alone. – Vera

2 thoughts on “Testimonials”

  1. I just wanted to thank Deb, and I meant to do this 8 years ago, but thanks to you and your session many years ago with our neighbours on Forest Valley Drive in Innisfil, you told me that I would have children. Your message never left me and we never gave up and I did become pregnant at 45 and our beautiful daughter is the love of our lives. We have never forgotten you and wanted you to know that you changed our lives and our parents’ lives with this amazing grandchild. We can never thank you enough for so confidently stating we would have children and you were right!


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