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Your Knees Know!

One of my gifts is the ability to see the underlying mental/emotional cause that our illnesses and ailments stem from. We presently think of our physical situation only as; I have a cold, a headache, indigestion – everything from fibromyalgia to cancer. We unintentionally own it right off the bat with ‘I have,’ right?

What if we trained ourselves to immediately ‘think and link’ our physical health issue to our thoughts and feelings? What if we took a minute first to analyze these associated thoughts and feelings? What if at the onset of every physical health situation small or large, we instantly asked ourselves these 3 questions:

What is this part of my body linked to mentally/emotionally?

Where am I mentally/emotionally conflicted in this area of my life?

How can I resolve this conflict or deal with it more positively for me?

To help you out with this ‘think and link’ mindset let’s start with the most basic correlation. Think of your physical body divided into 6 main quadrants. Each quadrant reveals the physical part of your body that will express where you’re emotionally out of sync for some reason.

The 6 quadrants are:

Left side: Past or present unresolved issue(s)

Right side: Anxiety & apprehension about an upcoming issue or situation

Front of the body: Short-term current conscious emotions & feelings

Back of the body: Long-term subconscious deep-rooted will & beliefs instilled in childhood

From the waist up: Emotional issues associated with your home and/or work environment

From the waist down: Stability, support, livelihood and very foundation in your life

In upcoming blogs I’ll break down the body further but this is a start. Interesting, you might say, but how do I benefit from any of this?

The following is an example of how the ‘think and link’ mindset was applied to a minor knee issue:

When I was in my forty’s I received a phone call asking if I would like to do a radio show and take calls on air from listeners. If it went well it would become a regular show. I was thrilled, of course and immediately agreed.

Once I hung up however, the realization of what I had agreed to set in. Not only had I never set foot in a radio station, let alone go on air, but it also dawned on me that I would be taking listener’s calls live not prerecorded. This meant that I would have to think on my feet, and respond immediately. What if I made a mistake or even worse, an entire listening audience rejected me. How humiliating would that be?! Not to mention how it would impact my career!

The show was set for the following week, and as many of us do when we’re apprehensive or fearful about something, I toiled with the decision to call and cancel or go through with it. The closer the date came, the stronger my anxiety got.

Three days before the first (and test) airing, I was going downstairs to the basement when I felt a twinge of discomfort then a searing pain in my right knee before it gave out completely and I teetered down the final steps to the bottom.

My first thought was, ‘what the heck?’ I gently rubbed my knee wondering what I had done. Clearly with the show only a few days away, how could I possibly go if I couldn’t even walk (even though I knew I’d be sitting for the 2-hour long segment), but still, here was an excuse to cancel!

I knew I couldn’t cancel even if I wanted to! They were counting on me and I wouldn’t let them down, walking or not.

My next thought was to break it down as to why. There was no logical reason for my knee to suddenly act up. I hadn’t twisted it, bumped it, or been racing down the stairs where I would have put added pressure on it.

I sat there for a few minutes and thought about what my body was trying to tell me. I broke it down this way: my right side indicates worry or apprehension about something upcoming. The lower quadrant represents my stability, the foundation of my life and livelihood. What was currently my biggest fear? The upcoming radio show.

I then realized and acknowledged that my fear wasn’t actually the show itself, being in a radio station or even being live on air, my greatest fear was that in one single show I might fail miserably and ruin my entire business in the process.

I pondered this for a few minutes, then made the decision that I was given this opportunity by ‘the powers that be’, whether you believe in God, Universe, Karma, whatever. I wouldn’t have been given it if ‘they’ didn’t think I was ready and could handle it. My thought process then became, ‘I’m going to do my best for everyone I connect with.’

With that thought came an amazing sense of calmness, yet determination within me. My knee was still slightly tender for the remainder of the day but I regained most of my mobility. The following day it was just fine.

The show went exceptionally well and ran regularly for the next 2 years. It was an amazingly rewarding experience I would have missed out on completely had I given into my fears and used my physical knee ‘ailment’ as an excuse to cancel.

Whenever something physically (even a cold) happens, follow the three steps above. Ask yourself what that area of the body represents emotionally and where you may be emotionally conflicted. The first thought that comes to mind is usually the link you need to acknowledge, even if it’s a distant memory. Then find some way to positively come to terms with it. You will notice your physical health begin to shift accordingly.

Please keep in mind that this technique is not a substitute for advice, programs or treatment from a licensed medical, psychological, legal or financial professional. This and any techniques suggested are to be used in correlation with your existing practices and procedures.

If you have a particular health issue you’d like insight about, please send your question to me and I’ll be happy to address it in an upcoming blog!


Deborah Johnson

‘Connecting and understanding spirit, both living and passed’

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