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Quite a few years ago I worked with a twenty-six year old who had two years earlier been diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease.  No medication seemed to abate his symptoms and he was literally wasting away.

From an energy perspective illnesses connected to the bowels, colon and intestines indicate to me a mental/emotional fear of letting go of old ways and beliefs, fear of change and an excessive overload of emotional toxins in the physical body.  Any clearing from this area such as diarrhea, is metaphysically trying to release and clear ‘the crap’ from your life and let go of something that you are strongly conflicted about.

I have always seen it as one’s deep-rooted unbending will around unresolved issues that connect specifically to one’s sense of family security, support and foundation.

I sensed that the underlying emotional cause of this young man’s illness occurred when he was twenty-four and was connected to a major change in his parent’s relationship such as a separation/divorce.  It also seemed to me that he didn’t feel he had his familiar family home to go to anymore, which meant that his parents had likely remarried or blended with new partners, heightening his fears and anxieties.

This young man confirmed what I was sensing and that he couldn’t come to terms with any of it.  He confided that he didn’t know whether to blame his Mother with her new boyfriend or his Father with his new ‘live in’ who he didn’t like very much.

I gently asked him why he felt he needed to lay blame with either one of them instead of just acknowledging and respecting the fact that two people he loved simply didn’t love each other anymore.  He did not need to choose between them or take sides.  He could still love them both equally.  In fact, even though he did not like his Father’s new partner, he now had four people to love and love him in return, instead of two.

I asked him to think back to exactly when his parents separated.  I then asked him to recall when his first Crohn’s symptoms appeared and note the timeline between the two.  He confirmed that their separation occurred approximately four months before the onset of his illness. Realizing this timeline, he quickly recognized the connection between his emotional upheaval and the ensuing physical illness.

This awareness helped him understand how his illness stemmed from how spiritually, mentally, and emotionally conflicted he had caused himself to be.  His internal anger was manifesting in physical form.  He also acknowledged that a large part of his resentment came from no longer having the comfortable family home of his upbringing.  He felt like a stranger and intruder in both his mother’s and father’s new homes.  Even though he consciously knew he was very welcome in both, he felt he no longer belonged because nothing was familiar anymore.

With this new perspective however, he began to release his pent up emotions, respond effectively to medical treatments and physically heal.  Although it was a long road to full recovery he is presently living illness-free.

We have the capacity to off-load ‘the crap’ in our lives no matter the source.  Even if we can’t physically walk away from it 100% for some reason, we are the masters of our own spiritual, mental, and emotional well-being.  We can allow ourselves to become conflicted over an issue we may have no control over, or we can come to terms with the dynamics of it and put into a different perspective that works best for us.  Either way, if left unresolved in our own hearts and minds, it will most likely express itself in some form of physical health issue.  Ultimately that choice is ours.



‘Connecting and understanding spirit, both living and passed’

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