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Maybe because of my near-death experience at birth (which I obviously don’t consciously remember), I’ve always thought of energies, energy fields, and the vibration we continuously emit to those around us as second nature; as an integral part of who and what we are in our entirety. 

Our energy is our very essence and soul.  Our energy emanates outward from the core of our physical body to encompass our physical body completely like an egg around us.  The ever-fluctuating mental and emotional composition of our energy produces the vibration we subconsciously emit to those around us and they subconsciously absorb.  Our energy and vibration also permeates our clothes, our possessions, and even the floors, walls and ceilings of our home – as you would wipe the dirt off of your hands as a child onto everything you own, we do the same with our energy.

If it’s easier, think about the power of our energy and vibration this way.  How often have you been impacted by someone else’s bad mood or good mood?  How often have you wondered if you’ve done something wrong or in some way offended another only to discover it wasn’t about you at all?  What memories do you have of a large event like a concert or rally where the sheer charisma of the performer and enthusiasm of the crowd has exhilarated you beyond belief? 

This is the power of our own energy, the effect we can have on others and vice versa.

You may be asking yourself, ‘what does any of this have to do with health and well-being’?

The higher our emotional state, the stronger our energetic output and vibration.  The stronger our vibration, the more those around us will sense it, absorb it and react to it in some way mentally, emotionally or even physically.  Now add to this the impact our words and actions have on others and you can see just how much power we wield both subconsciously and consciously.

Such were the energetic circumstances of a young 7-year-old boy I worked with a few years ago, who sadly was suffering through the final stages of cancer.

For those of us who have been directly or indirectly touched by cancer, we know it has many faces and forms and all of them are ugly.

As I ‘looked into’ the underlying cause of this child’s cancer I saw a home life filled with anger and resentment between his parents.  To add to this constant low-level tension was the ongoing pressure from his father to have his gentle artistically-oriented 7 year old son lace up and play hockey just like his Dad and his rough-and-tumble younger brother. 

I learned that this boy’s parents although technically separated, had agreed to continue living together purely for financial reasons. The hostility they constantly displayed toward each however was causing an ongoing low level tension in the home.  The result was energetic fallout, which this young boy was subconsciously absorbing, while consciously trying to buffer their constant arguing. 

As if this wasn’t enough, this child also felt he was largely responsible for the dissension between his parents because many of their arguments were about him and his aversion to sports in general.  His father wanted him to toughen up while his mother just wanted him to be who and what he wanted to be.  He felt he was an ongoing disappointment and failure in his father’s eyes because he would rather draw and paint than play hockey.  He loved his younger brother but was at times resentful because his father constantly stated how proud he was of his youngest – his hockey son.

Uncomfortably, I expressed my views to the parents.  If this young boy had any hope of healing, to help him they needed to somehow resolve their issues enough for him to see them stand together again as a couple.  For the very least they needed to try to emit a warmer, happier and more loving energy through their words and actions if only short term for the sake of their son.  Time was of the essence.

Unfortunately for this little boy, his parents would not set aside their differences.  They continued to argue and gesture in front of him, even while he lay dying in his hospital bed. Maybe as a final defiant act against his father, this 7 year old asked his mother if she would paint his fingernails – just for the fun of it.  Regretfully, he passed shortly thereafter.

Ironically, his parents turned to each other for comfort after his passing, resolved their issues as if they never existed, and ultimately reconciled.  Bittersweet.  They had another child two years later.  A blessing.  A little girl.

Be ever mindful that what we emit and what we receive contributes to our own health and well-being and can also have a profound impact, positive or negative on those around us.



‘Connecting and understanding spirit, both living and passed’

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