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My past blogs have been all relating to Spirits passed and those on the other side. What we forget is that we are also Spirits on this side, just in a different energy form. We’re going to dive into how the spiritual element of our living bodies can drastically affect our physical makeup

**Please note that this information is not in replacement of medical care, should a situation arise that is dire and needs medical attention. This can accompany a Doctor’s recommendation, but should not replace it!**

Where our health is concerned, our power to achieve self-healing and optimum wellness ties to our spirit and the control we truly do have over our own bodies. The term ‘mind over matter’ is fast becoming a reality as our medical and scientific communities are discovering in leaps and bounds, the ways in which our innate capacity to self-heal is possible. This possibility is evident in the medical works of professionals such as Dr. Joe Dispenza (if you haven’t had a chance to view any of his interviews or work, I recommend you turn to Google when you have a few spare minutes)!

The following story is a personal experience of how one can revert from illness to health through their own power.

As I read for a woman several years ago I acknowledged that her husband had suffered from a serious health issue about twelve years earlier. About 9 months prior to onset of his past illness, he had been let go very suddenly from a long-term position.

The woman nodded in agreement, that all of this information was correct. Within 6 months of his termination, he began to develop symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis. The disease was medically diagnosed and his health began to deteriorate at an alarming rate.

The woman explained that they had three children and with her husband’s condition she became the main provider for the family. She didn’t begrudge the obligation but was most angry that her husband had placed himself into a mental and emotional ‘victim’ mode. He was depressed because of his physical state and resentful of his former employers. He blamed them for his condition and the fact that he was no longer able to enjoy his family because of his physical state.

He suffered with this disease for over a year before he simply woke up morning and decided enough was enough, and that he would no longer suffer from the affliction. He wanted to get back to living his life. He was determined!

His shift in mindset was simple. Rather than living day to day with anger, financial worry, and physical pain, he developed an amazing state of calmness, tolerance and acceptance. He no longer focused on his past and the negative changes that had been forced upon him.

He also ceased to worry or stress about present day issues or fear the future. He began to simply enjoy the most basic pleasures in his life at that moment. To this day he never becomes agitated with anything life throws at him. He treats everything as an experience, decides how he is going to handle it, deals with it placidly, and carries on enjoying his life.

His MS symptoms vanished almost instantly that fateful morning and to this day he has not had a setback of any kind. In fact his doctors could not find any trace of MS in his system one year after his dramatic change in mindset.

He had effectively moved himself from a spiritual, mental and emotional state of ‘dis-ease’ to a state of ‘ease’. The foundation of the illness that was causing his dis-ease no longer existed in his psyche, therefore the physical illness also ceased to exist.

Once he regained his health 100% he entered a line of work that he had always dreamed of being in. He had held back out of fear of being unable to provide adequately for his family. He now enjoys optimum health, his family, and a job he loves that provides a healthy income for them.

This is the spiritual power and determination we all possess. We just have to understand how to harness it. Of course there are many who will look at this article with skepticism and hesitancy, which I completely understand. It should also be noted that not everyone can wake up one day simply state that this is a change they would like. The shift has to come from a deeper place, the place where the energetic shift happens.

In upcoming blogs we’ll delve into success stories of self-awareness and self-healing. We’ll look at how we hold our fears and anxieties, and how our bodies physically react to our spirit’s dis-ease with what life throws at us.


Deborah Johnson

‘Connecting and understanding spirit, both living and passed’

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