Thanks to Hollywood movies and fictional novels, we automatically think hauntings are tied to large, dark, looming old homes steeped in history. Such is not the case as the following story shows.

We hear tales of ghosts and things that go ‘bump’ in the night, but it can be difficult for some to believe it without firsthand experience. Quite a few years ago, a young couple with a toddler asked if I would come to their newly acquired home to discuss a ‘situation.’ The house was a lovely two-story home in a new subdivision on the outskirts of the city.

As we climbed the curved staircase to their son’s bedroom, they described a phenomenon that was only occurring in one room – their son’s bedroom. It seemed that objects moved about the room of their own accord. There was no rhyme or reason, no specific time when it occurred, it was random. They explained that sometimes it would be toys turning on by themselves, lights going off and on sporadically, and objects rolling across the floor, while closet doors and dresser drawers opened and closed. The closet doors and drawers they had not witnessed being opened and closed, but stated that they were always different than they had been left. Certainly, they had witnessed multiple toys operating and moving about the room whether battery-operated or not.

The couple expressed that their son seemed quite delighted and entertained by all of this, showing no fear of it whatsoever.

I took a marble from my pocket and positioned it on the floor in the middle of the room. It remained motionless, ruling out the possibility of slanting floors contributing to the movement. I then asked them if they knew who or what had occupied the land prior to the development. I then suggested that they do some research to confirm what I was picking up – that it had been a centuries-old farmstead, with a beautiful old brick farmhouse situated at the top of the hill just up the street.

When the developers purchased the acreage, the farmhouse had been abandoned for a number of years and gone to ruin. It had been torn down to accommodate the new homes, but no one took into account the family plot, which was approximately where this family’s house was situated. Because it was a family plot, not a cemetery, over the years all markers and traces above and below ground had vanished. The souls, however, were not happy about their land being ‘reworked’ and ‘trespassed’ on by strangers.

The young couple looked mortified. She stated that she wanted to move immediately. I told her it wasn’t necessary, that I would clear their home, and their property, and address the unsettled souls. Once that was done, all uninitiated motion and events in the house would cease. Once the clearing was done, I asked her to touch base and assure me that all was settled and quiet, which she did for a number of weeks afterward. She also researched the history of the house and area, and their house and subdivision was situated on land that was once a farming homestead. She also confirmed that it was the custom with many in the region to have a family burial area on their expansive acreage, usually within respectable walking distance from the family home, barns, and outbuildings.

Souls reach out for distinct reasons. Sometimes to connect specifically to an individual, but sometimes they connect to assert their positive or negative opinions about their left-behind physical possessions.

Have you ever revisited a residence you’ve owned, only to lament that it just wasn’t as pretty, well maintained, or decorated as well as when you owned it? You can’t do anything about it, as it isn’t yours anymore, but you’re still left with a bittersweet feeling of ‘isn’t that too bad’. Those same feelings can still apply, regardless of which side of the physical/spiritual world you are on.


Deborah Johnson

Clairvoyant, Medium, Author, Speaker

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