Over the next few blogs, I’ll be sharing a few of the most moving ghostly encounters I have had the privilege of being privy to. Some will be client-granted recounts, while others will be my own personal experiences while dealing with those who have passed.

Sadly, many buy into the notion that ghosts are evil or to be feared. In reality, ghosts are merely the energies of those who were formerly in physical form, just like you and I are now. Those souls who remain tied to the physical realm remain for one of two reasons. Either they are tied to a specific location or tied to a specific person.

Several years ago, I did a Medium session with a young woman who was about to be married. Her departed father came through during our session. He stated that although he couldn’t physically walk her down the aisle now as he had always promised he would, his spirit would be walking with her. He told her he would make that clear to her three times on her wedding day. He also said he was thrilled that his brother would be taking his place. Somewhat skeptical, she kept her father’s message to herself.

After her wedding, she recounted to me that as she walked toward the chapel behind her bridesmaids, and arm in arm with her uncle, she felt a gentle tug on her train. She knew that the soft red carpet she had just walked over was pristine and her train was satin, which should have glided seamlessly across the carpeting.

As she and her uncle neared the chapel doorway, there was another slightly firmer tug on her train. Her uncle also felt her slight falter and glanced back to see if her train appeared to be caught on something, yet it wasn’t. They proceeded through the doorway and waited momentarily for the wedding march to begin. While standing motionless, there was yet another tug on her train, which again they both felt. Now both misty-eyed, she and her uncle glanced at each other. She smiled, squeezed her uncle’s arm, and whispered, “Daddy’s here.” He quietly replied, “I know, I feel him too.” “Thank you for keeping your promise Daddy,” she said softly while squeezing her uncle’s arm again as the wedding march began.

She proceeded down the aisle to her waiting groom, with her uncle physically escorting her on one side, and her father’s spirit and energy on the other. The experience was the greatest gift her father could have given her.

This experience exemplifies an energy being tied to a specific individual, regardless of their location. Her father chose this time and location because of his deep love and the significance of the day and event.

Join me with my next blog and a story of a departed energy that is still tied to a specific location, and why.


Deborah Johnson

Clairvoyant, Medium, Author, Speaker


  1. Hi Deborah. I can totally relate to the wonderful experience thus young lady had. Jacky makes her presence felt no matter where I am in the world. Her arrival is much quieter these days. Gone are the shattering glass, gun shots and flashes of lights. Instead gentle shadows and swirling mists followed by swarms of butterflies. A great comfort in knowing Jacky is ok and she is always keeping a close eye on me. Thank you Deborah for enabling this wonderful gift to happen. Very best wishes. Dave xx


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