Driving in perilous blizzard conditions, a police officer stopped to help a stranded couple. It was nighttime and whiteout conditions, which made the situation even more dire. As the officer approached the stranded vehicle, he noticed two young girls, who were clearly sisters, standing at the side of the road beside the car. Concerned for their safety and well-being, he ushered them into the back seat of his cruiser, where they would be secure and warm while he assisted with the disabled vehicle.

Once the snow-bound vehicle was cleared, the officer motioned toward his cruiser and told the couple that he had placed their children in the back seat for safety reasons, and he would retrieve them. The couple looked at each other, puzzled. “We don’t have any children officer. It’s just the two of us.”

Perplexed as to who the children belonged to, and why they were at the roadside, the officer returned to his cruiser. The back seat was empty. He questioned the couple, had they too seen the children? Both shook their heads. Oddly too, there were two sets of small footprints leading to the rear door of the cruiser where the children had entered, but there were no footsteps leading from either of the cruiser’s back doors. The only other footprints in the snow were those of the officer.

After a search of the area, and with the couple already on their way, the officer finished his shift and headed home. He recounted to his wife about the incident with the two mysterious children. His wife asked where the incident occurred. He explained that it was at the crest of an extremely steep hill, and with whiteout conditions, it was unclear if their vehicles were even fully off the road; a dangerous situation at best.

His wife retrieved her iPad, and pulled up a newspaper article with pictures from several years prior, almost to the day. She asked her husband to describe the children, then she showed him the article and picture. Her husband’s face drained of colour as he stared at a picture of the two little girls he had placed in his cruiser earlier that evening.

The location and situation between that prior year and present were the same. Reading the accompanying article, the officer discovered that a car had gone into the ditch. A good Samaritan had stopped to help, leaving his two daughters in the back seat. With similar white-out conditions to this evening’s encounter, an oncoming vehicle just cresting the hill hit the stopped car with the two little girls.

The officer learned in the coming days that the girls’ ‘ghosts’ had occasionally been seen on dark and snowy nights by other motorists passing by the site where he had stopped.

Because their passings were so sudden and tragic, although not totally bound to this location, their souls still frequented the spot where they had passed. As with other souls who have passed suddenly and tragically, they often remain connected to that location until their souls are completely settled and released.


Deborah Johnson

Clairvoyant, Medium, Author, Speaker

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