As I’ve mentioned in previous blogs, every living thing emits energy that others sense and attune to. All inanimate objects from our furniture to our walls, absorb and hold that energy. Just as we continuously emit our energy outward to others, we simultaneously sense and react to the energies of others, as well as the energy imprint on our inanimate environment. We are always unconsciously sensing and reacting, so let’s take it more to the conscious level. Have fun with the following sensory awareness game.

Whether in your work or home environment, the incoming energy of another person is comparable to an egg being placed into boiling water. The water immediately stops boiling for a minute or two until the temperatures of the egg and water assimilate. The water then adjusts and warms up to resume its boil. This same assimilation process automatically occurs energetically as we change locations and encounter each others’ energy fields and vibrations.

Take a few minutes periodically over the next few days to sense and note how you feel:

  • Immediately when you enter a new space, are you comfortable or uncomfortable, why?
  • Immediately when you enter your own home, do you instantly feel calm and settled, or need a few minutes to adjust and ‘settle in’?
  • Immediately when another enters your space, do you sense yourself momentarily tensing up, or do you feel relaxed?
  • Immediately with another’s proximity to you, do you feel they’re encroaching and you’re uncomfortable with it, or is their proximity comfortable for you? Note also if your connection to the individual is casual or intimate – note the differences in how each type of relationship makes you feel energetically.

Take note of how you feel with:

  • In different locations you move through outside, do you feel easy or uneasy?
  • Strangers around you in public places, and why?

Lastly, study:

  • The moods of those around you, do they seem calm, agitated, angry, happy, tired, or despondent?
  • Does someone else’s mood alter yours, positively or negatively
  • Is there a total environmental shift because of another person and their energy entering or exiting your space?

In particular over the next few days, play with how your mood and attitude silently impact those around you, positively and negatively. If negative, alter it to a lighter mood and attitude and see what happens to those around you within 5 – 15 minutes.

You will be pleasantly shocked by your newfound awareness and understanding of how we subliminally interact with each other. More importantly, you will discover the amazing positive impact you can have on others and your environment through sheer energy emission, without having to gesture or say a word.


Deborah Johnson

Clairvoyant, Medium, Author, Speaker



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