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For those of you who have read my book ‘Discover the Magic – A Guide to Understanding Others & You’, this next blog and technique will be familiar, but I felt it bears repeating for those who have not yet discovered it, and a gentle reminder to those of you who have.

Sometimes, we become so emotionally overwhelmed with a major decision, that we become frozen in indecisiveness. This often occurs when our heart guides us in one direction, while logic pulls us in another.

I developed the following technique several years ago to aid my clients with this very dilemma. I call it the ‘Snapshot’ technique. It is a way to evaluate a situation, person, or issue, calmly and objectively over a 30-day period.

The Snapshot can be used to clarify emotional perceptions about relationships, career, family, health, or any issue where highly charged emotions cloud your decision making.

Before you begin you will need a 30-days-at-a-glance calendar, a red felt pen, a green felt pen (or other contrasting colours of your choice), and a notepad or journal.

  1. Using your 30-day calendar, assess each day at the end of that day, making sure you do not pull emotions forward from a previous day
  2. If that day was a good day regarding your issue in question, place a green check mark on the calendar for that day
  3. If that day was negative regarding your issue in question, place a red X on the calendar for that day
  4. On your notepad or in your journal, document daily, in point form what made it a positive or negative day.  Identifying what or who contributed to the result for that day

Based on your results after 30 days, you will have an instant visual of the month, seeing predominantly green checkmarks if many days were positive, mostly red X’s if most days were negative, or possibly a balance of the two. Based on your notes, you will also have a more concise understanding of what or who contributed to these daily assessments.

Review your notes thoroughly and identify if there were consistent issue(s) or individual(s) in your daily analysis. Determine if the red X’s are minor and repairable or not, as well as how they weigh against the green check mark positives. This is not a ‘place blame on another’ technique. It is a tool for you to calmly evaluate without emotion. Lastly, decide what actions can be taken to rectify your red X’s, then take whatever steps are necessary. Take responsibility for your choices and decisions and follow through with your convictions. Oftentimes, when the emotional element is removed, the things that seemed major, are recognized as minor and quite fixable. In some cases, though, it clarifies for you that changes are inevitable and necessary.

To ensure karmic balance, always preface any changes and decisions with the mindset that your decisions are for everyone’s highest good. By doing so, you will ensure your choices will create as positive an outcome as possible for all concerned.

The Snapshot technique can be applied to any person, situation, or decision. You will also find after using the Snapshot just once, from that point onward you will tend to automatically self-analyze daily without the use of a calendar. You will also discover that you have a much calmer, matter of fact daily approach to your challenges.


Deborah Johnson

Clairvoyant, Medium, Author, Speaker

‘Connecting and understanding spirit, both living and passed.’


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