I’m sure everyone has had more than enough of Covid-19, in all ways. Unfortunately, it will continue to be part of our reality for awhile yet. For all of us, it has brought varying degrees of mental, emotional, physical, and financial impacts of some kind. I would like to take this opportunity to bring comfort to a difficult element of this situation; that of our loved ones who have, or are, passing alone.

So many of my sessions over the last few months have been specifically for this purpose, particularly concerning those loved ones who have had to pass, without those dearest to them at their side. Our absence leaves us struggling with anxiety about their feelings of loneliness, abandonment, fears, and apprehensions during their final days. We then carry guilt from not being with them in their last hours, though no fault of our own.

I’ve mentioned numerous times in past blogs about our energies and our ability to connect with each other on a subconscious level. Without divulging any names or confidences, I would like to share a few of the energetic connections I have been part of over these trying Covid-19 months:

A 56-year-old woman was denied access to her mother during her mother’s final days battling cancer. I assured her that her mother was far from alone in those last days. I explained that her departed father’s spirit was there lovingly holding her mother’s hand during those days, that her mother was joyfully aware of him, and comforted by his presence. He then took her mother’s hands to help her transition from the physical world to the spiritual when she passed. Her passing was peaceful, her transition easy. I conveyed that her mother’s parents, and a brother who had recently passed were also with her through this process.


A 78-year-old man stood outside on the grass and watched helplessly through a hospital window, as his wife of fifty-one years, took her last breath. Her eyes were closed, and they were divided by a plate-glass window, a concrete wall, and the length of the room she was in. Not only could he not touch her or say good-bye, but even a loving wave of assuredness would have been pointless. I confirmed to him that the spirits of his wife’s departed parents, two older sisters, their grey overweight Persian cat, and their golden lab of fifteen years, were all with her leading up to, during, and after her passing.


A wife was grief-stricken by the loss of her always healthy 42-year-old husband. It was a mere 72 hours from the time he contracted Covid-19, until he passed from it. There were no final words or closure for either of them. I told her how his departed grandparents on both sides of the family rallied around him, as well has his Uncle George, who I gather was quite a character when alive. She managed to sadly chuckle at the mention of George being there with him.


For a week leading up to this 89-year-old woman passing, she constantly told her family via phone that her brother John had been visiting her daily. She was so thrilled to see him again, and happy he had made it in to see her. She expressed to the nurses that they had just missed him, as he seemed to always depart as they were about to enter her room. The nurses mentioned this to the family, along with the fact that no visitors were allowed into the hospital under any circumstances, so they were baffled. The family too were particularly puzzled and stunned, as John had passed fourteen years earlier.


I could write another 50 pages of sessions such as these, but the point I wanted to make is this. We limit ourselves to thinking only of our physical presence, yet at any given time, whether we are working, playing, laughing, crying, or dying, our departed loved ones are always with us in spirit. They help us while we are living and they stand even closer to us in our final days to help us transition when our time here is done.

Please feel free to share these words with those you know, who have lost or are losing a loved one, yet unable to be at their side. If this is your scenario, think for a minute of the departed who were closest to your loved one while here. Take comfort in knowing that they are spiritually settling and assuring your loved one. Release the guilt you feel because of your absence. Lastly, take solace in knowing that your loved one is being lovingly guided through the completion of their time here, by those they love on the other side. With or without us physically present, they will never pass alone.


Deborah Johnson

Clairvoyant, Medium, Author, Speaker

‘Connecting and Understanding Spirit, both living and passed’

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