Have you ever taken a picture of someone and when viewing it afterwards, noticed ‘orbs’, ‘circles’ or ‘haze’ and ‘smudging’ around certain individuals in the photo? Sometimes we can rationalize these effects with lighting, reflection off of other objects etc., but more often than not, we cannot justify them.

One of my first experiences with orbs and wisps occurred during my very first ‘connecting with the other side’ seminar, which was held in a banquet hall, with approximately 90 people attending. As with all of my Mediumship-type seminars and workshops, I’ll have a number of pictures taken from the back of the room throughout the event.

This function went extremely well, with messages coming through to quite a number of attendees. When we reviewed the pictures later, we were astounded and fascinated by the number of orbs, wisps, and smudges in the photos. As these pictures were taken with a digital camera, no film was involved, which might have justified the images we were seeing.
The orbs and smudges varied in shape, size, and colour, (with the exception of the smudges, which were always blue.) These orbs and images always seemed to hover over, around, or on certain individuals. In all, there were about twenty orbs around the room at any given time.

Throughout the main ‘connecting’ portion of this seminar, my attention was constantly drawn to the audience on my right, not on my left. When viewing the photos, it was fascinating to note that most of the orbs were located among the audience on my right. The only section of audience to my left that I felt an intuitive draw to, were seated at the front, and coincidentally, that section also had orbs and smudges in the photos.
The orbs, smudges, and wisps weren’t consistent in every photo. They continuously varied in size, shape and location as the seminar progressed.

Many who attended said that they could ‘feel’ the energy of their loved ones around them throughout the evening. Rechecking the digital camera following the event, we tried every conceivable angle to recreate the orbs and images, unsuccessfully.

In life, we are pure energy housed in a physical body. Could these orbs possibly be that pure energy of each loved one, now devoid of physical body, who stand with us and watch over us from the other side? Is photography a wonderful tool we have at our disposal that can pick up these images, where the naked human eye can’t? Perhaps start checking your photos more closely – you may be surprised at what you see.

I’ll be holding a ‘Purely Mediumship’ 1-day workshop in Barrie on October 20th. It will be interesting who, besides those physically attending, will make their presence known, be captured on film, and more importantly make their energy felt to their loved ones who are attending.


Deborah Johnson

Clairvoyant, Medium, Author, Speaker

‘Connecting and understanding spirit, both living and passed’

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