I’ve blogged in the past about those wonderful spirits of our loved ones, and what, where, when, why, and who stands with us. These souls are settled and happy to ‘take up their posts’ – their positions, by us. They give us guidance, direction, and their loving energy when needed.

But what if those spirits that aren’t settled enough to completely disconnect from the physical plane upon passing. Is it that they haven’t found the way to migrate to loved ones waiting on the other side, or are they too emotionally connected to a particular trauma or place that causes their lingering?

These spirits have been known to haunt everything from houses, cemeteries, barns, and vacant properties, to ships, lighthouses, and theatres. Their unsettled energies and resulting “hauntings” are what legends are made of.
Next month, on October 26th, I’ve been asked to add my insights to the Cookstown Soul Searchers Walk, as we progress through a specific part of Cookstown, sharing the legends tied to certain lands and properties, and connecting in various ways with these remaining souls. Historians and well-versed residents will share the factual details of each location, as well as some highlights of spiritual events that have been witnessed over the years. I’ll be adding my mediumship perceptions with each area we visit.
 Although skeptics try to dismiss these types of occurrences, too many have been experienced and documented to be discounted.
Can a spirit be settled and ‘released’ from their connection with the physical world? Definitely.

Many remain because they want their story (often tragic) to be known, explained and/or justified. There are those souls that linger because they couldn’t connect successfully with loved ones already on the other side, while others can’t acknowledge that they have actually died. Some don’t feel worthy, because of their actions while living, and some simply refuse to leave that homestead or property they lived in for years and loved so much. 

Whatever the reason these souls remain to appear as apparitions, to create havoc with our electronics, to make things move, creak, and go bump in the night. Is it their intention to frighten us? Usually not. Is it their hope to connect in some way trying to settle their restless souls? Absolutely.

Deborah Johnson

Clairvoyant, Medium, Author, Speaker’

Connecting and understanding spirit, both living and passed’

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