We in the Western world are taught from the earliest age to think predominantly of the ‘physical’ aspects of ourselves and our existence. We aren’t taught to think about our own energy field, which extends from our physical core to two to three feet out past our physical body. We aren’t made aware that this energy field is like an ‘egg’ of our own energy, which encompasses our physical body as long as we’re living. We also seem to forget that our energy field emits our own unique vibration that continuously ripples outward to others, enabling them to subconsciously perceive our energetic essence and soul.

Your energy field and vibration is your energetic fingerprint or blueprint. Although there may be close similarities, no two energy fields or vibrations are identical. Therefore it is highly conceivable for others to instinctively recognize a familiar energy field, even if age, appearance, and years have passed since the actual physical contact, as the following two stories exemplify.

‘A number of years ago my husband and I attended a wedding in London Ontario, which was a two-hour drive from where we lived. Of the 120 attendees we only knew the bride, the groom and the bride’s aunt. They had chosen random ‘seat yourself’ seating at the reception, so we chose a table near the head table, where an older couple were already seated. The woman introduced herself and explained that they too had travelled from a couple of hours away but from the opposite direction, just small talk.

After a few minutes of chatting I remarked that I felt I knew her from somewhere but couldn’t place exactly where. We discussed where we had worked and lived over the years in an attempt to identify the connection that I felt so strongly, but to no avail.

Shortly after dinner my husband struck up a conversation with this woman while I was away from the table. During a discussion about schooling my husband learned that this woman had attended a private school in Toronto. Not realizing the coincidence to come, he commented that my mother had attended the same private school and wouldn’t it be funny if they had known each other, as their ages were about the same.

Although both felt the odds were remote, this woman asked for my mother’s maiden name and let out a gasp as my husband told her. Dumbstruck, she excitedly explained that she and my mother had not only been best friends throughout high school, and at each other’s weddings, but that she had held me at my christening when I was just an infant. She went on to say that she had been searching for my mother for thirty years after both of them moved away with their husbands and lost touch with one another.

What were the odds that after a span of 30+ years, two couples living four hours apart would randomly sit next to each other at a reception of 120 people; randomly strike up a conversation that would result in reuniting two people who had drifted apart; and explain how I would feel such a strong connection and recognition with someone from my infancy. I wouldn’t have physically recognized her as I was only a baby, but I instantly recognized her energy and a connection we once had somewhere in my past.

A 59-year-old divorced woman was invited to attend a weekend-long waterfront festival of arts, craft, music and entertainment – including an Octoberfest-style beer tent. As she sat with her companions, she had an overwhelming feeling that she knew the man next to her so struck up a conversation with him.

He had an English accent as did she. She told him the name of the town she had lived in until she was 5 when she and her family had moved away. The Englishman stated that he was from the same town and asked what street she had lived on. When she answered he slowly shook his head and asked if she remembered what her address was as he also lived on the same street way back when. When they compared numbers they realized that they had indeed been next door neighbours; she lived at number 5 and he at number 3.

Her eyes widened in amazement as it dawned on her who he was. “You’re the one that I told everyone I would grow up to marry,” she exclaimed! They shared a laugh as she divulged her past ‘crush’ on him and how she’d repeatedly told him that one day she would marry him. He replied that he had never forgotten her, felt he had lost his best friend when she moved away and had thought of her often over the years.

Coincidentally, his wife had passed away several years prior to this beer-tent encounter, and he was just in Canada for a few weeks visiting his adult son who had immigrated to Ontario years earlier.

As fate would have it, they dated, married, still marvel about the circumstances around reconnecting in a beer tent thousands of miles from his home, and her uncanny sense of remembering and recognizing his energy, even from the young age of 5.

These two stories reflect how we subconsciously remember each other’s energy and vibration. This sensory memory triggers a vague conscious recognition in us, which we are then driven by curiosity to act on.

Taking this form of awareness and connecting with each other one step further, could this bring understanding and comfort in situations such as reaching out to a comatose loved one you desperately pray hears your final words to them; or a family member with Alzheimer’s or Dementia who has that distant look of puzzlement in their eyes when you speak to them, (even though you’ve been married for forty years, or are their only child.) What of those with altered cognitive abilities such as Autism, Down Syndrome , Asperger’s, or limited mental capacities resulting from illness or injury?

Imagine the consolation you would feel knowing that your words and actions were truly being recognized and appreciated on a deeper level. What if we trusted that our loved ones, regardless of their degree of cognitive awareness, felt our presence, love, and concern purely through our energy fields and vibrations connecting with each other.

Far too often we dismiss these sensory cues we’re being given.

Take a few minutes to think of times when you’ve inexplicably been drawn to someone and just knew you knew them somehow from somewhere as both I and the woman in the beer tent had. Deep down we’ve remembered and recognized a unique energy field and vibration that we’ve previously connected with. Recall times when you questioned if a loved one actually heard or felt you yet in your heart of hearts believed that they did. This is the power of our energy field and vibrational abilities to connect with each other on a far deeper level than we’re taught to understand in our physically-oriented world.


Deborah Johnson
Clairvoyant, Medium, Author, Speaker
‘Connecting and understanding spirit, both living and passed’

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