For most of us our pets are an integral part of our family.  They’re our source of unconditional love and emotional support, whether we ask for it or not.  They have amazingly unique personalities just like people (sometimes even more so) and they sense and feel emotionally just as we do.  They make us laugh, make us cry, and occasionally frustrate us to no end – all the while filling our hearts with love and happiness.  They have a way of connecting with us so deeply that it almost feels as though you can read their minds. Our safety and well being is always first priority for our pets, as their instincts guide them to sense when we are happy, sad, in danger or stressed.

We have always had a particular passion for Great Danes, small horses to some, but despite their size they truly are gentle giants.  As they grow it does take some adjusting to their size and interesting behaviour; ie. making sure that your coffee table is doesn’t house anything that the flick of a rope-like tail can’t endure, the big no-no of lowering their head onto the dining table to see what you’re having, or quickly scoffing down a cupcake from the plate on the counter when you’re not looking!  Although their hearts are pure and full of love, Danes they aren’t known for having the longest lifespans, hence the nickname “the heartbreak breed.”

So where am I heading with this?  Whether we’ve had dogs, cats, birds, horses, or any animal that we’ve loved and been loved by, there comes a time when we have to say goodbye.  If we’re lucky it will be due to age and we can console ourselves with the fact that we provided a good life for them.  Even when age-related though we grieve them just as we do the people we also love who pass.

Firstly and most importantly, I would like to explain that our pets do stay with us in spirit form.  They don’t necessarily provide energetic guidance and direction to us from the other side like our human spirits do, but they stay by us to hold the bond they created with us in life. 

I ‘see’ their spiritual personalities just as they were while living.  If they were well trained protectors I’ll see them sitting loyally at one side or the other of their ‘master’.  If they were high-strung here, I see their spirit excitedly bounding around there.  They’ll display their most heart-warming antics, confirming to you that yes, it’s really them. They want to make their presence known and convey their messages to you just as your relatives do.

I’ve had people come for medium sessions holding their pets’ urn and ashes, their leashes, collars, bridles, pictures, blankets and favourite toys. Throughout these sessions there have been four common sentiments that our pets wish for us to hear.

#1: It’s ok…you did what you thought was best for me

This is not only the number one comment that comes from our pets who have passed, it is also the most asked question of pet owners during their sessions.  Because we have the responsibility to speak and act on behalf of our pets, we often have that dreaded dilemma and ultimate decision when their time comes.  When we truly love our pet though, as hard as it is to part with them, we know that our decision releases our pet from pain, suffering, and struggling.

Our pets don’t anguish over passing.  They seem to have an understanding of what is about to happen with quiet acceptance and are grateful that we love them enough to help them through this transition.

#2: I’m still here right beside you, I haven’t left you!

Yes, it’s usually expressed with exclamation marks as our pets excitedly want us to know they’re still present in spirit form.  Sometimes a session was solely to connect to a pet who had passed, but even during a general reading our pets have needed to pop in as if to say ‘don’t forget about me I’m here too’.

#3: Yes I was in pain but didn’t want you to know because it would upset you

Our pets are incredibly sensitive to our emotions and feelings.  How often were you anxious or upset about something, only to watch your pet come over and nuzzle and rub against you, or lift a paw for you to hold in an effort to console you?  Many mask their pain to minimize our worry and anxiety. They also have so much love for us that their pain does not overpower the other emotions.  Many hide it because they know it may force a decision that could lead to their passing, and they’re just not ready to leave us yet.

#4: Thank you!  You gave me the best life!

When our pets express how grateful they are for their lives with us, it isn’t about the treats they got (well, maybe if steak was involved), or the fact that they got to sleep on the bed too.  They share their feelings about how much we loved them, shared our thoughts and feelings with them (even if we didn’t think they understood what we were saying), pet them, walked them, and played with them.

In certain cases I’ve had pets express their gratefulness for being given a few happy years after earlier abusive years at the hands of another.  Strays are particularly thankful for the sense of safety and security we allowed them to experience along with the love and attention.

As pet owners, we’ve all been there, but please take comfort in knowing that those loving loyal and sometimes crazy pets, stay with us in spirit form and will also be there alongside our human loved ones to greet us when it’s our turn to pass over.
As one pet with serious bowel issues prior to passing humorously relayed to his owner, “I’m still sticking to you like s*** to my blanket – sorry about all of that at the end!”



Deborah Johnson

‘Connecting and understanding spirit, both living and passed’

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