Losing those closest to us is probably the hardest experience we will endure in our lives. We may have personal hardships from financial struggles to relationship challenges, yet these are issues we can have some margin of control over with our choices and decisions. The loss of a loved one, no matter what their form of passing, is something that we have no control over. All we can do is try to comprehend why them, why that way, why at that time and where are they now?

To compound this agony and unrest, our socially and sometimes religiously limiting beliefs prevent us from recognizing and comfortingly embracing their signs. The ways and means they constantly use in an effort to ease our pain and reassure us that they are still spiritually walking with us, they happen much more commonly than you think!

In a previous blog, I shared with you a few of the ways our loved ones reach out to us. Let me expand on those and include a few other ways they ‘get their two-cents worth in’ on a regular basis.

I’m sure there are other ways besides those I’ll list here that may be personally significant to you, but the following are the 10 most common and easiest forms of connecting that I have seen firsthand or heard from clients.

1. Electronics
Havoc with our electronics is perhaps one of the easiest methods our loved ones use to signal their presence to us. Because our spiritual essence & soul is made up of energy (whether we’re alive or dead), it can disrupt electrical energies nearby.

Such things as:
lights flickering,
computer glitches,
garage doors opening and closing involuntarily,
significant songs coming on,
clocks stopping at a certain time, and
static or white noise on phone lines,

are the most common. These are also the easiest for us to rationalize and dismiss as genuine electronic or technical problems. Keep in mind, sometimes these are just technical failures, but when something happens and you get a sense or a feeling that they’re present, or maybe you were just thinking about them when one of these occurred then that is to be taken as a sign.

2. Smell/fragrance
This is probably the second most common indicator of a loved ones’ presence. The fragrance or smell can be a particular perfume/aftershave we recognize as theirs, the scent of a certain flower they were partial to, tobacco (pipe, cigarette or cigar), or their individual natural body scent. We catch the scent long enough to recognize it and then it’s gone. Often times we’ll catch ourselves looking around for something to physically justify it with, but usually we can’t rationalize it away. In our heart of hearts we know we were just blessed with another fleeting second with them and we cling to it for as long as we can.

3. Sound
Yes, we can hear their energy moving around – from the sound of feet shuffling across hardwood or carpet to the sound of doors opening/closing, to hearing their voice like a whisper on the wind. For two weeks after our female Great Dane passed, both my husband and I heard the familiar sound of her turning her usual 18 times clockwise and 9 counter-clockwise before settling down on her bed. Interestingly, we had to discard her bed on the day she passed, yet we still heard the sound of her settling down on it.

4. Cold Air
Yes, that sudden inexpiable cold draft on your leg, neck, arm, face, is a loved one grabbing your attention for a moment or two! Yes, go ahead and check again, but even while sitting there feeling that cold breeze, you know all of those windows and doors that could be your reasoning, are still closed.

5. Tingling (hair on our arms or the back of our neck stands up)
The tingling we experience is created by our loved ones’ energy field coming in contact with ours. Because everyone’s energy is unique unto them, the sensation of their energy in contrast to ours causes us to feel a tingling, usually on our arms, neck or head.

6. Dreams
This is another one of the most common ways our loved one can reach us, yet we either don’t remember the dream or we dismiss it as ‘just’ as dream. When they do reach out to us in our dreams and we actually remember them, they can have a wonderful lingering effect on us. We put it down to ‘had the most amazing dream’ and ‘it felt like they were right here’, because they really were!

Photo by D A V I D S O N L U N A on Unsplash

7. Flickering candles
Unlike flickering lights, which are electronic, candles have been known over the centuries to attract souls. There have been countless stories of candle flames instantly and repeatedly surging, smoking or even extinguishing at every mention of a particular loved one or situation. Can our loved ones manipulate candle flames? No, but their energy can definitely affect the air around the flame to make it surge, flicker, smoke, dance, and be blown out altogether.

8. Finding dimes
Finding dimes in unusual places, (in a pocket you swore was empty, on the counter you just cleared off five minutes ago, to being on the ground right in front of you), or at the oddest times when perhaps the thought of a particular loved one just crossed your mind – it’s their subtle yet physical way of letting us know they’re right beside us as we go through our daily routine. I always make a point of taking those dimes and keeping them together in a small dish.

9. Displaced objects
How often have you reached for something such as a set of keys, a piece of jewelry, the tv remote, a book, an item you recently put down, and it isn’t there. These are the items that we know beyond a shadow of a doubt were there! We can search high and low without success. It may take five minutes or five days but that object somehow reappears exactly where we know we left it, but it wasn’t there the last time we looked. Yup, that’s a loved one on the other side wanting your attention for a specific reason. It may be because there is an upcoming birthday, anniversary, visitor coming, or sometimes even a warning of something negative in the offing that they want us to take note of. When possessions go astray and then oddly reappear, take a few minutes to reflect on why and acknowledge whatever thoughts come to you. To your loved one, it would be important enough for them to move an object not once but twice.

10. Wildlife/Nature
Our loved ones do make their presence known through nature and wildlife. My aunt was especially partial to red cardinals and would put seed out for them. Her son recounted that for weeks after her passing, a beautiful red cardinal would perch outside on the window sill by his kitchen table while he had his morning coffee. He had never seen a cardinal in his backyard prior to this and found it odd that the bird, like clockwork, would always appear just before he sat down with his coffee and depart as he was taking his last sip. The cardinal was there every day until the day that his mother was finally laid to rest in the plot beside his Dad. He hasn’t seen that or any other Cardinal since.

Start paying a bit more attention to what goes on around you. Not everything is a sign from those who have passed, but the indicators I’ve mentioned above are the most common. Rather than rationalizing these signs and dismissing them, smile and hold them close to your heart, as those little signals of love and reassurance are being sent from those you still hold closest in your heart. Acknowledge that their spiritual efforts to reach out to you haven’t been in vain.

‘Connecting and Understanding Spirit, Both Living & Passed’


  1. Having read this I thought it was rather informative. I appreciate you spending some time and energy to put this short article together. I once again find myself personally spending way too much time both reading and commenting. But so what, it was still worthwhile!


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