One of the reasons I stopped taping sessions years ago, was due to the interference from those on the other side. One of the most bizarre instances occurred with a man who had recently lost his father. There were three brothers in the family, and since his father’s passing, the brothers had been in constant disagreement with each other regarding the estate.

Two of the brothers had given little if no time to their father over the years. Interestingly, they seemed concerned enough to ‘flock home’ when they learned of their fathers’ imminent passing. The third son who was my client had tended to all of his father’s and his mother’s needs over the years. Sadly, his father had never changed his Will as he had intended to do, and his brothers were still included in the estate. My client had no issue with that aspect. His issue was the manipulation and pure greed coming from both of his brothers.

During my reading with this man, his father’s energy literally barged in, and boy did he have a lot to say! He started with a thank you for all of the time, effort, affection, and devotion my client had shown him over the years. Next came an apology from his dad for not changing the paperwork to reflect what was truly in his heart – which was to disinherit ‘the other two’ completely. The session was a mixture of reminiscing with loving emotions, to ranting about the brothers. The entire session was taped.

Later that day I received a call from my client regarding the tape. He stated that he replayed the tape for his anxiously-awaiting wife. All conversing about future events was crystal clear, but while we were connecting with his father it was a mixture of static, blank sections, and most strangely, not my voice on the tape, but his father’s. My client stated that there was a huskiness to his dad’s voice in the days leading up to his passing, and that was the voice on the tape. Even odder, he had several family members over (not his brothers) to also listen to the recording. With each replay, the ghostly voice of his father grew fainter and fainter. On his last replay, there was only a faint humming sound where his father’s voice previously was. The remainder of the recording was exactly as he heard in during our session. The only segments missing were those from his father. He questioned if there was a defect on the tape, to which I softly replied, “no there was no defect, your father’s messages were intended for your ears only.” “Thank you,” he replied before disconnecting.

When I do a general reading I don’t ask who is on the other side as my focus is purely on my client’s future events. If however, an insistent soul on the other side needs to ‘barge in’ to make their presence known and get their two cents worth in, I will always respectfully accommodate them. A Medium session with me is devoted only to connecting with loved ones who have passed. The aforementioned session was supposed to be a general reading, but my client’s father needed to express his feelings, positive and negative, intended to be taped and mostly taped – yet not taped. The power of the ghostly soul!


Deborah Johnson

Clairvoyant, Medium, Author, Speaker

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