HOW DO YOU WRAP THINGS UP? What Does That Last Letter of Your Name Reveal?

My last few blogs have given you a wee bit of insight about the vibration and associated information your own name emits to others. I’ve also given a few examples of how identifying both similarities and differences, just with these wee bits of awareness, can strengthen your understanding of, and connections to each other.

As we have with the previous Name Analysis blogs, let’s look at two more submitted names and what the last letter of each name says about these individuals’ personality traits.. Remember, the last letter indicates how we end or finish things.

Lori: The ‘i’ at the end of Lori’s name is soft, which indicates that she doesn’t have to finish all she starts if she feels what she’s doing no longer has purpose or value for her. This applies to a project, a situation, or even a person. The ‘i’ also indicates that Lori will always take others into consideration with her final decisions. If Lori feels she is impacting others negatively, depending on the circumstances, she may alter her choice or decision to accommodate those around her. Lori will always take time to reflect on her path in relation to others prior to that final decision. 

Trevor: Trevor’s name ends with a strong letter.The strength of this letter adds conviction to all Trevor does. It shows perfectionist traits once decisions are made, as there is a need to do his best and give it his all. The ‘r’ also reveals that Trevor needs to complete all he starts, otherwise he will feel unsettled and incomplete in some way, but may not understand why. Trevor will always have to see something to the very end and have full closure with all he does.

In a family or business dynamic, Trevor would need to have all bases covered, signed, sealed and delivered, regardless of whether it was truly necessary or not. Lori wouldn’t seek that same degree of thoroughness if it wasn’t warranted. A simple example would be Trevor and Lori sitting down to watch a poorly produced 2-hour movie. Although frustrated with it, Trevor would sit through the entire movie, trusting that somewhere, somehow, it must get better. At the end of the movie, Trevor would be angry with himself for wasting 2 hours of his time, even though he knows he could have turned it off at any point. He would have to see it right to the bitter end. Lori on the other hand, would have endured about thirty minutes of it, gotten up, and left to do something more significant with her time. 

With these dynamics in the relationship, whether personal or business, it frequently becomes a “you do it your way, and I’ll do it my way” scenario. If each is left to their own devices, they’ll function well within the relationship. If significant decisions or projects need to be done jointly, it can be an ongoing source of frustration for both of them. Knowing these most simple quirks about each other, allows Lori & Trevor to find more positively constructive ways of dealing with each other.

Having analyzed the first, middle, and last letters of one’s name over the last few weeks, let me outline some other components of a name that you can also use in your relationships, choices, and decisions.

🔹What does a shortened name signify? (Deb versus Deborah)

🔹What does a nickname reveal? (Bubba versus Charles)

🔹Is there meaning behind single syllable versus multi-syllable names? (Bob vs. Robert)

🔹Are last names/surnames relevant?

🔹What do unique names indicate? (Oprah)

🔹Can you identify traits just from seeing a name on a resume or in an article?

🔹What does it mean when you change the spelling of your name? (Jean to Jeannie)

🔹What of ‘inherited’ names? (Robert Jr.)

🔹How significant is the spelling and letter placement of a name (Brian vs. Bryan)?

🔹What if your name has only soft, strong, or dual letters?

All of these nuances can give you additional personality information about others. These blogs have simply scratched the surface of what can be gained when this technique is applied to the fullest. It actually is possible to gain usable insight into an individual’s core personality within 10 seconds – once you know what you’re doing.
Thanks to everyone who sent in their names! If you’re interested in gaining more insight into this area of awareness, please email and let me know!

Deborah Johnson

Clairvoyant, Medium, Author, Speaker

‘Connecting and understanding spirit, both living and passed’

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