What Does the End of Your Name Say About You?

As discussed in a previous blog, the first letter of your name denotes how you inherently approach other people and situations, while the middle letter(s) in your name reveals how you deal with those people, issues and situations. The last letter of your name identifies how to finish what you started. It reveals to others if you need to complete all you undertake, or if you can leave things undone if no longer significant. The last letter also indicates if you will forge ahead no matter what, or alter your course to accommodate others.

A soft letter at the end of a name vibrationally says that this person will always take others into account in all they do, and if they feel they are negatively impacting someone they care about, they may alter their course to accommodate another person’s comfort level.
Those with names ending in a soft letter, also have the ability to leave things undone or incomplete. They don’t have to finish everything they start if they feel that what they’re doing no longer has significance for them.

People who have a strong letter at the end of their name need to complete all they do. They cannot leave anything undone, even if it no longer has value-add for them. Otherwise, they themselves feel incomplete in some way, but often can’t understand why.

A simple example:

Those with a strong letter at the end will struggle through a poor movie, assuring themselves that it must get better at some point, right until the bitter end. They will then be angry with themselves for wasting two hours of their time, but would not be able to turn the movie off. They are ‘all or nothing’ individuals. Those with a soft letter at the end of their name, will either change the channel or turn the movie off completely.

Going back to last week’s blog, let’s take a look at two more submitted names, Pat and Thomas, and what the middle letters of their names vibrationally reveal to us.


The ‘a’ in the middle of Pat’s name is soft, which indicates that her core instinctual personality is nurturing, care giving, compassionate, and considerate of those around her, first and foremost. However, because the first letter of her name is strong, she can also take charge when necessary.


The ‘o’ and ‘m’ in the middle of Thomas’s name reveals that he has a very strong core strength, will, and determination. When this individual faces a conflict or issue requiring resolve, he can put it into proper perspective, deal with it effectively and carry on. He is a logical thinker, who doesn’t express emotions openly or often, although he does have a compassionate side to him.

In a family or business dynamic, Thomas would almost always passively take charge. Even more so if he went by Tom. The ‘a’ in Pat’s name indicates that she would be the nurturing element in the relationship (although the first letter ‘P’ and last letter ‘t’ do give strength and determination when needed.) They could balance each other out well if neither are extreme.

However, if the traits in both are, then Pat’s protective, nurturing side could be perceived as too lenient by Tom, while Pat would struggle with Tom’s stubbornness, strength, and disciplinarian tendencies, particularly where parenting or employee relations are concerned.

Again, understanding each others’ inherent qualities, particularly when different, can lend insight and understanding versus confusion and conflict – all from accurately sensing what the middle letter(s) reveal.

Deborah Johnson

Clairvoyant, Medium, Author, Speaker

‘Connecting and understanding spirit, both living and passed’

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