As with everything in life, there is a sequential process that involves a beginning, a middle, and an end. Our very lives follow this pattern with birth, life, and ultimately passing. Your name itself follows this process vibrationally, as the sound and appearance of each letter and syllable from the beginning of your name to the middle, and ultimately the end of it, makes an impression of some sort upon your senses.
Start thinking of a name in those terms; the first letter, the middle letter(s), and the last letter.
The middle letter(s) of your of name reveal if you have that strong core strength, will, and determination to handle anything life throws at you, pick yourself up and dust yourself off, or look to others to help. Will you take charge of a situation and direct others, or be the one listening to the directions and follow them, nurturing everyone else before looking after yourself. One trait is not better than the other. Like Yin and Yang, both contribute to produce a successful outcome, whatever the situation or relationship.

To give you a few examples:

As an employer, you wouldn’t want a gentle, submissive personality in a sales position. They would ‘give away the farm’ trying to please the customer. You also wouldn’t want a definite forceful personality in a compassionate HR role, unless the job involved heavy arbitration and negotiations. You certainly would want a creative personality in an advertising/marketing position. And someone who loves to take control and build, not a ‘follow the leader’ personality in a leadership upper management position.As a lawyer, you wouldn’t want someone indecisive or biased sitting on your jury.In a personal relationship you definitely wouldn’t want a ‘stick in the mud couch potato’ if you have a love of travel and constant change.

Of course these are all traits that you would pick up from conversing with another, but from using vibration information emitted by one’s name alone, you could acquire this most basic knowledge about someone without even meeting them.
Let’s look at Dianne and Frank, the two names chosen from submissions for this weeks’ exercise, and what we can ascertain about them just from the first letters of each name.


Dianne’s name begins with the strong letter ‘D’, which vibrationally indicates that she has a strong, often stubborn personality (stubborn in the sense of being able to meet all challenges head-on, never give up, and persevere to resolve whatever obstacles have been put in her path), confident, focused, results-driven, makes well-informed choices and decisions, but doesn’t need every little detail before deciding to jump into something 100%. Sometimes impatient, when she does make a choice about something, she wants it as of yesterday.


Frank’s name begins with the soft letter ‘F’, which vibrationally indicates that he is logical, analytical, detail-oriented, needs all of the facts before moving ahead with something, and will proceed logically to ensure that all ‘i’s are dotted and ‘t’s are crossed along the way. The soft first letter also indicates a more quiet determination, caring, compassionate, loves to share his knowledge and educate or inform others, whether formally such as teaching, or informally in a personal setting.

In a relationship they could compliment each other exceptionally well, as Frank will slow Dianne’s enthusiasm to charge forward just enough to ensure that all details are covered, not just the preliminaries. One the other hand, her enthusiasm will propel him to make choices and decisions faster, without labouring over every minute detail.

These same points can also be the underlying frustrations in the relationship, whether this relationship is personal or business-oriented. Dianne may often feel frustrated with Frank’s need to weigh and analyze every detail, in effect holding things up, which (in her opinion) could result in missed opportunities, while he gathers all of the facts needed to satisfy him. Frank, on the other hand, may be irritated at Dianne’s constant want to jump into something too quickly (in his opinion) without full, detailed, analysis.

In a nutshell, Dianne makes her decisions at the 30,000 foot level, while Frank makes his at the 300 foot level. Neither is right, wrong, or better than the other. Just Yin and Yang. 
When they understand even these most basic personality traits in each other, all revealed by that very first letter in their names, they can accept and deal with each other more effectively, and probably even joke about their differences.

Check in next week for more info, and two more names analyzed by just using the middle letter(s) of their names.

Deborah Johnson

Clairvoyant, Medium, Author, Speaker

‘Connecting and understanding spirit, both living and passed’

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