Interfering with our technologies and electronics are significant modes and means our passed loved ones use to connect with us. From random radio and television glitches, to sporadic flickering of lights, inexplicable orbs and wisps on photos and even problems with recording devices. Some occurrences can be rationalized, but many cannot.

When we die, we lose our physical body and the essence of us reverts to energy. This energy vibrates differently from the vibrations emitted by electronic and technological equipment, such as those just mentioned. Therefore, the energy we emit from the other side, has the ability to interfere significantly enough to cause a disturbance that catches our attention.

Let me share with you just a couple of experiences involving recordings:

After recording a reading with a woman, who had recently and very suddenly lost her thirteen-year-old daughter, her tape revealed the following on playback once she was home. Although this woman had listened to me speaking for a full hour-long session, my voice wasn’t anywhere on the tape. Instead, the only voice although high and faint, yet clear, was that of a young teen. The voice of her daughter. Emotionally clinging to the sound of her daughter’s voice, this mother excitedly played the tape through once, then twice, then a third time. Sadly, each time she replayed it, her daughter’s voice became fainter and fainter. On the fourth replay there was no voice at all, only a light static remained. Although devastated that her daughter’s voice had disappeared, this woman said she also felt an amazing sense of peace and unconditional love come over her. Never having had the chance to say good-bye, this mother was given a final opportunity to hear her daughter’s voice, listen to her daughter’s words, and feel her daughter’s love coming through, just one more time.

Another young woman experienced a similar occurrence with her tape when she asked about her boyfriend’s family member who had perished in a fire. There were many unanswered questions around this woman’s passing that had left the family in turmoil. Thankfully, the information relayed from the other side clarified many of these outstanding issues. Upon returning home, my client replayed the tape. She was shocked to hear very clearly her boyfriend’s departed loved one state, during a brief pause in my dialogue, “I am Marianne.” She had never mentioned this loved ones’ name during the reading, and the voice making that very pointed statement was not mine. Marianne was indeed the name of the fifty-one year old woman who had died in the fire. The slightly deeper, raspy voice on the tape was definitely that of a middle-aged woman, and not mine. Family members rushed over to hear the tape. All confirmed that the voice on that tape was without any doubt Marianne’s.

Some instances about connecting with the departed can be dismissed or rationalized, yet occurrences such as these two, raise that age-old question – ‘what if…’

When those on the other side want to get their two-cents worth in and make their presence known in no uncertain terms, they will use whatever means and mode is available to them. Electronic and technological devices often provide them with the perfect medium.

Check back soon to discover how those on the other side have enough energy, and ability, to physically move items – all to get our attention.

Deborah Johnson

Clairvoyant, Medium, Author, Speaker

‘Connecting and understanding spirit, both living and passed’


  1. Hi Deborah

    Hope You Stan and Kendra are keeping well and not getting too much snow. Just wanted to share something with you that relates to your blog on how technology can influence the way our loved ones can communicate with use. Jacky is with me most nights and sometimes it can be over a 3-4 hour period of high intensity. I have found that the fluorescent dial on my watch glowed so bright it shone like a torch for some time after Jacky left. I am sure it’s her high energy levels that charged up the fluorescent paint on the watch face.

    I always have Lynda and Don in my thoughts. It’s a very stressful and difficult time for them and yourselves. Let’s hope the angels are on their side.

    Hope prep for your holiday is going well.

    Take care. Love to all xxx


    Sent from my iPad



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