The Edge of Grief

On January 26, 2020 millions around the world were shocked and saddened by the sudden passing of NBA legend Kobe Bryant. Yet, of those millions, how many actually knew him personally? Without having had direct contact and an established relationship with him, how can so many feel such a deep sense of loss, when the majority of mourners never physically met or knew Kobe?

It comes down to what we have been talking about all along. That energetic and vibrational inter-connectedness we all have with each other. Kobe’s personality came through to the majority of us predominantly via media, whether watching his profound skills on the court, hearing him in any of his countless interviews, or marvelling at his creative and recognized accomplishments in the film industry.

His accomplishments, the energy and vibration he exuded, his personality, drive, determination, passion and commitment, like an amazing magnet, pulled us in and made us feel such a part of something and someone great?

It is also this draw and connection to his energy that makes such an abrupt ending of Kobe’s, and eight others’ lives, even more surreal.

Many of you have experienced this same sudden, shocking form of losing a loved one. Whether from natural causes such as a heart attack or stroke, or from an accident or event, where your loved one was literally here one minute, gone the next, and torn from your life with no opportunity for that one last…

How often have you wished for one more conversation, one more hug, or even one more smile from them? Have you longed for some sign or signal from them on the other side, to reassure you that they are still with you, although only in spirit and energy form?

What if you could understand and utilize a way of connecting, with enough certainty, that it would ease some of your pain, and give you some sense of comfort and peace knowing they were ok?

Just for a minute, please imagine walking along a path with your physically present loved ones. This path has a two-foot-high, one-foot-wide hedge and parallel path running alongside yours. The hedge is solid, except for occasional small, but well-defined breaks in it.

As you walk along, one of your loved ones veers off onto the parallel path at one of these breaks, and now walks beside you on the other side of the hedge. You don’t panic, because you can still comfortably reach across that hedge, take their hand, see, hear, sense, and feel them, right there with you, as you only have a mere two-foot-high, one-foot-wide hedge separating you.

Now take this same concept and apply it to your path being life’s path, the hedge is the physical/ spiritual divider, and the parallel path is the after-life path. Just as you would have done physically, you have the same ability to energetically reach across that physical/spiritual hedge and hold that loved one’s hand, feel the energy of their hug, and internally sense and hear the words they express to you from their soul.

As each of our loved ones have gone through their break in the hedge, and now walk with us on the parallel path, so has Kobe Bryant, his daughter, and seven others, began walking parallel to their own loved ones who are still on life’s path. For all of us who have lost a loved one in such a sudden way, we truly know the emotions those families will be trying to cope with.

Yet, regardless of how we lose someone close, we never “get over them,” or “move on,” because “it’s been long enough”. The best we eventually do is adjust. However, taking solace in knowing they still walk side by side with us on that parallel path, until it’s our turn to join them at our own break in the hedge, provides some comfort.

On February 26th I will be providing this way of connecting to those in attendance. Not to give a short-lived reprieve while there, but rather to offer a means for others to reach their loved ones on an ongoing basis, without the assistance of someone like me. I had an individual from a previous session comment that this would be eliminating my own role. Absolutely, I would be. My focus is to help others view and cope with their loss differently, by understanding how close and inter-connected our loved ones on the other side of that physical/spiritual hedge truly are.

For Kobe Bryant’s family, and families of the other seven who lost their lives, our hearts go out to them, with hopes that they may in some way, realize that they are not alone and already walking parallel paths together.


Deborah Johnson
Clairvoyant, Medium, Author, Speaker
‘Connecting and understanding spirit, both living and passed’

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