A few weekends ago I had the privilege of teaching a wonderful group of people at my Purely Mediumship workshop. While it was predominantly focused on learning how to connect to those on the other side, we also covered the basics of energies themselves, what we’re made of, the living/dying process, and soul continuum.

One of the questions someone asked me afterwards concerned the dynamics of identical twins, and twin telepathy, as seen from an energy viewpoint. This is a topic scientists and the medical profession have studied and puzzled over, particularly where twins’ mental/emotional as well as physical interconnection is concerned. Perhaps an energy-based perspective explains some of these sought-after questions about the dynamics of twin telepathy.

From my work, I have always understood that prior to birth, while we’re in spirit and energy form, we choose our life, our path, and one parent we want to align ourselves with. We then wait for physical conception, which creates the opportunity to enter the physical plane. When there are two eggs, two individual souls have the opportunity to enter, each claiming an egg and physical body. These are fraternal twins, and will have a bond and closeness derived from time shared together in the womb, yet each with their own agenda, like two friends sharing an apartment. 

Usually, these twins are not identical in appearance, thoughts, or actions. There are some similarities if they are created by the same two genetic parents, and they may possess some energy connection from sharing the same womb, however many fraternal twins have little or no energetic or psychic connection to each other throughout their lives.

On the other hand, twins born of the same egg are a different story, and there are two scenarios to consider. The first scenario occurs when two souls want the same family connection and enter the one available egg simultaneously, the strength of that incoming energy causes the egg to split in two. These twins will be identical in appearance because they are derived from the same egg and genes. Their personalities and particularly their connection to each other however, will vary, because like fraternal twins, they are two individual souls.

The second scenario occurs when one egg is occupied by one soul, and for whatever physical genetic reason, the egg splits into two. In this instance the one soul may also be forced to split, with half of the soul occupying each half of the egg. This is not a ‘good/bad’ split. The positive and negative personality traits will also be divided in two. However, if the soul adamantly wants to remain whole and occupy only one half of the divided egg, one twin’s physical body will be sacrificed, and only one twin will be born.

Where the split of egg and soul into two is successful, these twins are physically identical, because of the same genetic egg. However, as they are energetically only one soul that has been physically divided, their psychic makeup and connection is profound. Separated only by physical bodies, the soul remains united through energetic telepathy. Even when separated by thousands of miles, as described in the following ScienceABC’s July 13. 2019 story of the ‘Jim Twins’.

“They were identical twins separated at birth and grew up 45 miles from each other, yet ended up living nearly identical lives.
Their adoptive parents ended up naming both of them James (Jim). Both of them had childhood dogs named Toy. As schoolchildren, both had a proclivity for math and woodworking, but were rather poor when it came to spelling.”

“During their early adulthood, both Jims had gotten married twice. The first time, they both married women named Linda, but they ended up getting divorced, before meeting and marrying women named Betty. Both Jim’s had sons and…both of them ended up naming their son James Allen and James Alan. Both Jims were heavy smokers, drove the same car (a Chevrolet) and worked in the security sector…At the age of thirty-nine they met in person, at which point they discovered that they both suffered from tension headaches and were prone to nail-biting…they smoked the same brand of cigarettes and vacationed on the same Florida beach…”

These types of twins feel each other’s pain, mirror each other’s thoughts, actions, choices, preferences, even career paths.
These twins also feel a much deeper sense of loss when one passes over before the other, because in fact what has happened is that one half of their soul has been forced to return to the spiritual plane, while the other half remains living, in physical form. Often, these twins pass within a very short time of each other from unrelated reasons.

Upon the second twins passing, allowing the second half of the soul to transition from the physical to the spiritual, the two halves reunite to become the one original unified soul again.
The energetic soul element of us has no restrictions and knows no boundaries. Only our physical form creates some limitations; like water in a container versus water flowing freely. Even with physical form, our energy has the ability to still flow outward from our physical being and connect subconsciously to those around us.

Food for thought. University of Minnesota, Penn State University, King’s College London, are just a few who have done scientific and medical research on the twin telepathy phenomena.

Deborah Johnson

Clairvoyant, Medium, Author, Speaker

‘Connecting and understanding spirit, both living and passed’

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