Working in the realm of mediumship, energies, and vibrations on a daily basis gives one a slightly different perspective on life, death, afterlife, and our overall reason for existing.

Do you ever wonder about that ‘bigger picture’, that over-riding ‘greater purpose’ and path our soul may already have charted for us? Is there an agenda or a blueprint that we need to subconsciously stay aligned with while consciously living in the physical world? Is this why we seem to be presented with the same types of experiences until ‘we get it’?

Here are a few points to ponder:

1) We Choose Our Life

If you believe in reincarnation, you understand that prior to our birth we choose the dynamics of the life we are going to live, our family, relationships, circumstances and experiences. On a soul level we decide to enter a family for specific reasons; to learn, to teach, or a combination thereof.

We are subconsciously magnetized to certain positive and negative relationships and events. How we then consciously handle these experiences determines if we spiritually progress or regress.

2) We Choose One Parent

We come onto this plane usually to align with only one parent not both. This is why parents often feel more closely connected to one child over another. They love all of their children equally but resonate to a much deeper degree with one, inexplicably. That is the subconscious soul alignment established from the spiritual plane. Was there a child in your family who could manage to put a parent in their place when needed, yet no one else could? Or the 4-year-old who would put their arms around your neck and tell you everything was going to be OK when you were having a rough day’? Sometimes the simplest of interactions are in fact lessons to be learned or taught.

In cases of divorce, if a child is placed with the parent they did not come in to align with, that child will act out and struggle until out of sheer desperation, they are sent to live with the ‘spiritually chosen’ parent. Again, this isn’t about loving one parent more, it reflects the child’s overwhelming soul-driven need to remain connected to the appropriate parent as initially intended.

We are responsible for ourselves, our choices, our decisions…

3) Reactionary Choices We Have

A woman was subjected to extreme abuse throughout her childhood, she chose to enter a profession where she provided counseling and comfort to abused children. Another woman with comparable childhood experiences, resorted to drugs and alcohol.

A fifteen-year-old lost her eighteen-year-old brother tragically in a motorcycle accident, she dropped her pending athletic scholarship and went into nursing to help others. A young man who experienced a similar family loss withdrew from everything, suffered long-term depression and required psychiatric help.

Independent of each other, two middle-aged men came into considerable money windfalls. One shared his good fortune with those he loved and enjoyed watching his family live more pressure-free lives. The other hoarded his and told his grown children that they could have it once he died. It caused such animosity that he became estranged from his loved ones and died old and lonely (although monetarily rich).

Regardless of the events presented to us, we singularly decide how we positively or negatively will mentally, emotionally and physically cope. These decisions define us.

4) We Choose Our Passing

There’s an old saying I’m sure many of you have heard, ‘for every birth there’s a death and for every death there’s a birth’.

Our soul often returns to the spiritual plane at a particular time because of the upcoming or recent arrival of a newborn into the family. The decision to make this transition occurs to enable the soul of the person who has passed to take up the position of ‘protector’ to this child.

The role of the spiritual protector is a position of honour like standing guard at Buckingham Palace. It is the Protector’s responsibility to keep that child out of harms’ way from any environmental dangers such as walking, driving, playing sports, etc. (to the best of what they’re allowed to do based on that child’s personal blueprint).

Our souls blueprint has already determined when we’ll depart from the physical plane in order to fulfill this greater spiritual role and commitment as just mentioned, particularly applicable when it is a premature passing.

Sometimes our blueprint is designed so that our life’s experiences and departure create a profound ripple effect for multitudes. Examples of this ripple would be caused by people like Terry Fox, Christopher Reeve, Princess Diana, Martin Luther King and John F. Kennedy, to name a few.

Now It’s Your Turn…

Take a few minutes and think about why you may have chosen the life you’re living in order for your soul & spirit to progress.

Set emotions aside and honestly analyze the individual relationships you had with both of your parents while growing up.

If one parent was absent, evaluate that too and think of how that absence helped define you.

Who were you inherently closer to?

Who needed to learn from you?

Who did you need to learn from?

If you have children, even grandchildren, evaluate your connections with each one of them.

Remember to take love out of the equation because your soul blueprint isn’t about loving one more or less. It’s soulfully about spiritual connectedness and growth.

Lastly, assess each relationship from this perspective. You may discover some startling revelations and explanations with this process.

Perhaps if we tried to view our lives from more of a ‘bigger picture’ perspective, understand our own blueprint and embrace our ability to choose for ourselves, we could empower ourselves to a far greater degree; our physical trials and tribulations wouldn’t seem as daunting and the reason for our interactions with others and our very accomplishments more meaningful to us.


Deborah Johnson
Clairvoyant, Medium, Author, Speaker
‘Connecting and understanding spirit, both living and passed’


  1. This is really interesting. Thank you.


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    > deborahjohnsonmedium posted: ” Working in the realm of mediumship, > energies, and vibrations on a daily basis gives one a slightly different > perspective on life, death, afterlife, and our overall reason for existing. > Do you ever wonder about that ‘bigger picture’, that over-ridi” >


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