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Every year there seems to be two definite mindsets about New Years resolutions. There are those who view January 1st onward as just another day, and just another year. This is the easiest mindset to embrace. As there are no notable physical differences from one day to the next, other than the changing of the yearly digits on the calendar, many simply continue on as they were.

Then there are those, myself included, who like to bring in every New Year with a clean-slate, fresh start, mindset. We set our expectations high, define our goals, and chart our path of accomplishments, right?

Yet somehow, as life gets in our way during those first few months, those lofty ambitions and dreams may start to slide away from us. We miss that exercise class, or have that extra helping, which of course is solely to blame for those additional few pounds. We put off signing up for that new course, or kick-starting that new career…and before we know it, it’s April…May…June…oh well…maybe next year…

We begin with great enthusiasm and excitement, yet as opportunities to help us achieve our resolutions and goals present themselves, we find ways to delay them, or sidestep them altogether. Before you know it, you’ve shelved those optimistic New Year plans with that ‘oh well, maybe next year’ mindset I just mentioned. Ultimately, we readjust one benchmark after another, until it does become ‘just another year’.

Sure, there are a ton of motivational programs, courses and lectures at the outset of each New Year to encourage and inspire you onward. Unfortunately, once the program ends, so can the motivation and determination.

So, how do we sustain, and ultimately attain, our goals and dreams within that 12-month time frame? Review and incorporate the following steps, based on an excerpt from ‘Mind Set, Go!, into your daily thoughts and actions. These steps will not only help create your desired end result, but will help you maintain overall balance & harmony in yourself, others connected to you in relation to your goals, and your environment.

Prior to New Years Day, document exactly what final results you want by the following year end, 2020

Review only that end result you have already documented. Keep that image and only that image clearly in your mind, for example:

Donโ€™t envision a winning lottery ticket, envision the lifestyle you enjoy living as a result of that winning ticket.

Donโ€™t envision a successful job interview, envision happily in that position and doing it successfully.

Donโ€™t envision how that wonderful person will be coming into your life, envision already living with that person in a solid contented relationship/marriage, etc – you get the picture.

ENVISION THE FINAL RESULT YOU DESIRE โ€“ not the stepping stones to achieve it.


Do: Take whatever logical steps are necessary to achieve your result, such as education, phone calls, networking, etc. These are the stepping stones that you can document & accomplish daily as they materialize.

Do:ย  Trust that your decisions will have an ultimate positive ripple effect on all.

Do:ย  Trust also that the opportunity and result you seek will materialize in the time frame most appropriate.

Do:ย  TAKE the opportunity immediately when it does come!

Do:ย  Respect and appreciate all you have here and now.

Do: Be content in yourself for who and what you are at this point in time. Be you as only you can be as there is no one else on the planet quite like you. Embrace this!

Do:ย  Focus on sharing your present contentedness with those around you.

Do: Allow and encourage others to follow their individual dreams, but regardless of what life throws at you, always hold true to yourself!

Do: Trust yourself, keep your sights set, live every dream you have throughout your life but always savour what you have here and now. For no matter what stage, phase or position you have in life at present you can direct your world and your life any way you choose.

Do: Think of your New Years Resolutions as your very own wonderful work in progress, like a beautiful picture being created on a fresh, new, canvas OR a new addition to an already existing canvas – your canvas.

Wishing everyone an upcoming year of exceptional health, happiness and prosperity!

Deborah Johnson
Clairvoyant, Medium, Author, Speaker
‘Connecting and understanding spirit, both living and passed’

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