As Christmas was drawing ever so near
The family embraced, shedding many a tear
For their loved one, adored, and ever so dear
Was gone from them, for not even a year

How would they manage, how would they cope
It seemed to them, that there was no hope
He’d lost his wife, and they’d lost their Mom
Yet the holiday season still would come

While people dashed merrily to and fro,
No matter where they happened to go
There would be something, to trigger a thought
Of who they had lost, but nary forgot

Before she passed, she solemnly said
With beautiful Angels, she would tread
But not to worry, for she would stay close
Even though, it may be as a ghost

To her husband and children, she promised to each
Her soul would always be within reach
She’d watch over them from morning til night
But would do so without causing them fright

I wont be far, I won’t be gone
I’ll be with you from dusk til dawn
And as each new day begins to shine
What you’ll sense, is that smile of mine

You’ll know when I’m near, when I’m closest around
For you’ll find a wee dime, I’ve placed on the ground
It may be tarnished, or shiny and new
Please trust me, I’m putting it there, just for you

You’ll keep finding those dimes, in the oddest of places
Without any rhymes, reasons, or traces
They’ll just appear, it’ll be a cue
To let you know, I’m standing with you

So take those dimes, and treat them like gold
Not to be given, spent, or sold
They’re gifts from heaven, with Angels on high
From which I’ll be watching, and keeping an eye

Her words softly echoed, in all of their heads
As they set out to enjoy, instead of to dread
They hugged, they shared, they laughed, and cried
Every one of them truly tried

Upon the door, they hung a wreath
And presents, they lovingly placed beneath
The most beautiful tree they could possibly find
Decorated purely with her in mind

It made her happy, as she watched from above
Smiling down on those she loved
She knew now that they would be ok
On this most wonderful Christmas Day

As her family woke, and headed downstairs
There was a dime found on her youngest one’s chair
Her oldest found his in the sole of his stocking
Which everyone found so comically shocking

They looked to their Dad, his eyes misty and wet
For not a dime, had he found yet
They circled around him and held him tight
Silently wishing with all their might

That a special dime, to their Dad from their Mom
Would show up quickly, it had to come
He reached for a hanky, to dry his eyes
When much to everyone’s surprise

A shiny new dime, fell out of its folds
Down onto the floor it went, and it rolled
It continued to roll, rolled well past the tree
To rest ‘neath the photo of their family

They watched in awe, on this Christmas Day
As she managed to say, in her own special way
With a sign that none of them could dismiss
Christmas with them, she would not miss.
Deborah Johnson, Author

Dedicated to all our loved ones who have passed;
Trust that they are still with us in spirit;
Love and embrace those who are thankfully still with us, because we still can;
Merry Christmas to All we love on both sides of the veil.

With much love to all for Christmas and this Holiday Season.


  1. Deborah, I feel like this was written for me. I’m not usually speechless but today I am. You, Stan and Kendra have a wonderful Christmas 💕💕


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