Purely Mediumship – 1-day Workshop

You’ll start your morning with Deborah by opening up your intuitive channels through meditative and practical exercises. Through the day you’ll strengthen these abilities through numerous exercises that will help to provide you with a greater understanding of ‘the other side,’ ways that our loved ones try to communicate with us daily, how to tap into and hone our intuition and intuitive impressions and who is waiting to speak to you from the other side.

Please join one of Canada’s top Psychics/Mediums at this breakthrough workshop, where you’ll also cover specifically:

– A comfortable 3-step process to open up the channels with the other side

– Who stands with you and what their placement around you means

– What your own energy says about you

– How to recognize when a passed loved one is trying to reach you

– How to make sense of these messages

– How your intuition can help you with day-to-day confident decision making

– How to practice forgiveness in both this life and beyond

– How to ‘open up the channels,’ and also close them – setting boundaries

Throughout the day, Deborah will also deliver messages from passed loved ones to members of the workshop as they present themselves. What you’ll take away is a deeper understanding of grief and loss and how we can use our innate abilities to turn it into comfort and healing. You’ll start to see those around you in a new light and begin to feel their energies more obviously and accurately, and immediately begin to apply your newfound sense of confidence to any decision you face!

Join Deborah and a group of amazing individuals on a journey to enlightenment and attunement!


8:30 AM – Registration Opens

9:00 AM to 12:00 PM – Introduction to Mediumship

12:00 PM to 1:00PM – Lunch *lunch is not provided at this workshop*

1:00 PM to 5:00 PM – Practical Applications of Mediumship/Intuition

*Please note that there will also be morning & afternoon breaks. We will begin right at 9am, so please be on time and leave cellphones on silent.

*All materials will be provided for you.

*The location is TBD, but will be within the GTA for easy accessibility.

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